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Mirrors Round

Round mirrors from Artforma are both functional accessories and stylish additions that will give your interior a unique character. Their shape adds delicacy and sophistication to the rooms, making them more cozy and harmonious. Round mirrors are perfect for any room, from the bathroom to the living room. By choosing round mirrors with lighting, you guarantee yourself not only a practical decoration but also an additional light source.
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Round mirrors for your interior

The round LED mirrors with streamlined shapes we offer are not only a convenient element of your bathroom equipment, but also a unique decorative addition that will make your room stand out. Artforma mirrors are made of the highest quality glass, which ensures not only their functionality, but also durability for years. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with models from four collections: AmbientLine, PremiumLine, Decor and Kolorowe.

LED lighting in the mirror

Lighting LEDin the mirror plays several important roles. It ensures adequate illumination of the face during beauty treatments. Importantly, it improves the aesthetic aspect of your interior, adding style and elegance to it. Mirrors with LED lighting will work well in almost any room, regardless of its size. By choosing around mirror, you can be sure that the bathroom arrangement will be modern.LED lightingin the mirror is energy-saving, so it does not require frequent replacement of the light source.

Mirrors with the dimensions you need

Our brand's products have the advantage of being able to choose their size. We treat each order individually and tailor it to the customer's expectations. Use the configuration panel and match the mirror to your apartment. Our range includes various shapes of mirrors, such as round, square and rectangular. Which one will you choose?

Desired shape - round LED mirrors

Round mirrorslook very stylish and elegant. They are fashionable and add charm to any room in which they are installed. Its rounded form gives it lightness and subtle charm, which makes it fit perfectly into various interior design styles. Due to the fact that the round mirror is universal, it can be used to decorate a bathroom, bedroom, hall or living room. A round mirrorwill certainly add a note of elegance and style to your interior, and at the same time fulfill its practical function, providing a perfect reflection in the mirror surface.

A place where you can hang a round mirror

Round LED mirrorswith rounded shapes are extremely universal and can be used in various places. For example, in the bathroom, they function as a perfectly lit space during morning and evening care rituals. Round mirrorswill diversify the space of your wardrobe, giving it chic and elegance. With such a mirror, you will enjoy creating your everyday styles. A decorative mirror with a distinctive frame can become a real decoration of your dining room or living room. A mirror hung on the wall always optically enlarges the space and makes it brighter.

AmbientLine Collection

Round Mirrors that you will find in the AmbientLine collection, are distinguished by their combination of good taste and decorative elegance. Lighting round mirrors makes them appear optically larger. The characteristic element of this collection is the diffused light coming from the back of the mirror and falling on the wall. This is a perfect solution for people who prefer atmospheric lighting without its strong glow directed directly at the mirror user.

PremiumLine Collection

The PremiumLine Collection offers round mirrorsthat will introduce a completely new quality to the arrangement of your bathroom. The PremiumLine series includes as many as 19 mirror models in various sizes, so you can easily adjust the product to the dimensions of your space. Round mirrors have been carefully designed so that the backlight falls on the person standing in front of them, providing optimal conditions for performing everyday activities in front of the mirror, such as shaving or makeup. The mirrors from the PremiumLine collection use innovative solutions that allow the light to be focused on the person in front of the mirror, which positively affects the comfort of use.

Colorful Collection

Mirror Collection Kolorowa offers products with unique designs that will add an elegant and modern style to your living room or office. By choosing around mirrorfrom this series, you can choose the color of the surface, which is an innovative way of decorating the interior. Thanks to the availability of various colors, you can perfectly match the wall decorations to the style of the room and your preferences. Round mirrors can be hung in virtually any room and look most impressive in colors that contrast with the room in which they are located.

Decor Collection

Round LED mirrors from the Decor collection are a real madness of the highest quality designs and functionality. This collection was created for true lovers of art and unusual decorations that raise the standard of interiors. By choosinga round mirrorfrom the design palette, you are sure to achieve an amazing effect. The decorative veneer not only gives a unique look, but also additionally protects the mirror against damage and high humidity in the bathroom. Choose non-standard solutions and enjoy their completely fresh look.

Greater functionality for everyday life

Who said that a mirror only has to fulfill its common purpose? functions and be a trivial element of your bathroom decor? We meet the expectations of our customers and producebathroom mirrorsthat are equipped with additional elements that increase the comfort of their use. Can you imagine pleasantly soothing music playing in the bathroom while you take a bath? Round mirror ArtForma with a Bluetooth speaker option can provide you with pleasant experiences that you have only dreamed of before!

Round mirror with a cosmetic mirror inside strong>

If you have problems drawing a perfect line on your eyelid, you don't have to worry anymore. We have a solution for you in the form of a cosmetic mirror integrated with the LED bathroom mirror surface, which enlarges the image up to three times. Thanks to this, your makeup will always be perfect, and your morning facial care will be quick and effective. This is a small gadget that will make your daily routine simpler and more enjoyable.

Round mirrors - frequently asked questions

What kind of lighting for a round mirror?

You can light a round mirror from Artforma in several ways. The most practical solution is a mirror with LED lighting. This is a choice that will illuminate your face and figure, as well as brighten the wall around the mirror. You can choose warm, neutral or cold light for the mirror. You will find the lighting panel along the entire edge of the mirror or in selected parts of it. A wide selection is a chance to design the bathroom of your dreams.

Round or rectangular mirror?

The size and size of the mirror depends on the size of the bathroom and other accessories that fill the room. Choose a round mirror for a small bathroom, finished in a minimalist style. The Artforma accessory is designed for bathrooms with unusual shapes, with sloping walls or eclectic interiors with soul. A rectangular mirror covering the entire wall will optically enlarge your interior and allow you to optimally use the space above the washbasin.

At what height should a round mirror be hung?

If you want to see your entire body in your mirror, your round mirror should hang a few centimeters above the dressing table or sink. You can also conveniently place the circular mirror on the wall, at eye level. A mirror positioned this way will make it easier to apply your make-up or do your morning toilette. As an additional element of equipment, choose a neat cosmetic mirror or a shelf for cosmetics. Such a set will be a functional and aesthetic solution, and your favorite cosmetics will always be at hand.

Where to buy round LED mirrors?

At Artform you will find a round LED mirror in many modern models. The offer includes round mirrors with several types of diameters and various light colors. An important advantage of mirrors is a touch or sensor light switch, as well as the ability to control the device using a remote control or a Wi-Fi application. For music lovers, there is the option of a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Different mirror finishing styles and a heating mat that prevents evaporation guarantee that the LED mirror from Artforma offers the highest comfort of use.

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