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Mirrors Irregular

Irregular LED mirrors are an innovative approach to lighting and interior decoration. Their organic shapes, reminiscent of natural forms, bring freshness and dynamism to any space. They not only illuminate rooms but also create fascinating lighting effects that catch the eye. Organic irregular mirrors are a great alternative to standard mirrors, as they introduce an element of surprise to interiors.
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Original mirrors for your interior

You don't like boredom and value avant-garde interior design solutions? If so, Artforma's irregular mirrors will impress you. We have 120 models of original and unique mirrors, which you can personalize by selecting the appropriate functions. Irregularly shaped mirrors dominate among the real gems. They are most often chosen by true connoisseurs of tasteful and modern interiors who support new architectural trends. Check out our offer and choose a luxurious mirror decoration for your home.

LED lighting in the mirror

All irregular mirrors Our offer has LED lighting. It has a decorative and practical function because it facilitates basic care activities. LED lighting will certainly be appreciated by women who like to take care of their appearance and apply makeup every day. A mirror with LED lighting is an amazing interior decoration because it not only gives a perfect aesthetic impression, but also constitutes an additional light source.

Light color and power - which one do you choose?

In the mirror configuration panel, you can adjust the light color to your preferences. The neutral color of the light is recommended due to its universality - it fits most interior designs. If you prefer warmer light, choose LED lighting with a 3000K shade. It is gentler on the eyes, which may be especially important in children's rooms. For people who prefer cooler colors, we suggest choosing cold white LED lighting with a power of 7000K or higher power LED lighting from the well-known manufacturer Philips.

Irregularly shaped mirrors

Nothing attracts attention like original and sophisticated accessories. We can make this dream come true and make youirregularly shaped mirrorsthat you have never seen before. The original shape will allow you to create an interesting arrangement that will express your individual style and taste. Mirror decoration can be a decoration of a minimalist space or fit perfectly with more extravagant arrangements withirregular shapes. An irregular mirror is an excellent choice for people who value originality and want to bring a bit of avant-garde to their apartment.

Irregularly shaped mirrors for the bathroom

Bathroom mirrorsusually come in traditional shapes such as rectangle, square or oval. If this is not your style, you can easily choose a more bold form of mirror surface. A mirror with an irregular shape will work best in a bathroom where there is a large space for various experiments. Such a decoration can optically enlarge the room and illuminate it, thanks to the light reflections that reflect from its surface. This is especially important in smaller rooms, where every amount of light is valuable.

Mirror switch - choose your type

You may be wondering how our illuminated mirrors. Well, they are equipped with special switches: touch, sensor or Smart Switch. The first two of them allow you to manually turn on the mirror. The intelligent option of turning on the backlight works from the Wi-Fi application or a special remote control. This is a very convenient solution that will be appreciated by electronics experts. Before placing an order for a mirror, it is worth considering which option will be more convenient for all household members.

Additional glass shelf for small accessories

If you are still missing space for small accessories or you simply like to have things at hand, choose a glass shelf for your mirror. Thanks to it, you will save more space in furniture cabinets and thus decorate the wall. Make the most of the space around you and enjoy extra space for your care products. Glass shelves under the mirror perfectly fit into modern trends and enrich the aesthetics of your bathroom. The glass surface also introduces an elegant style.

Bluetooth speaker as additional equipment for the mirror

It is not without reason that the bathroom is chosen as the room in the house where it's the easiest way to rest, calm down and relax. If you want to give your bathroom a new dimension, choose an irregular mirror with the option of a built-in speaker. Its cables are cleverly hidden, so they remain invisible. You will connect to the speaker via Bluetooth on your phone. Turn your bathroom into a SPA place where you can relax thanks to the soothing sounds of music coming from a modern mirror.

Orientation of the mirror with irregular shapes

Irregular mirrorsdespite their unique shape, can be found in various orientations. Check out all the proposals we have prepared especially for you. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to understand the needs of our customers, which is why we have developed originalirregular mirrorsthat will give your rooms a unique and unique style. This mirror is equipped with LED lighting and a wide range of accessories, which will allow you to fully adapt it to your needs and preferences.

Mirrors from the Colorful collection

Mirrors of irregular shapes from the Kolorowe mirror collection are products with an original design. Thanks to them, you will bring a modern and elegant style to your living room or office. When choosing an irregular mirror from this series, you can choose the color of the surface, which is an innovative way of decorating the interior. With various colors to choose from, you can perfectly match the mirror to the style of the room and your preferences. It is a design element that will completely change the appearance of your home.

Irregular mirrors from the Decor collection

The irregular mirror from the Decor collection is an extraordinary combination of art and functionality . Thanks to the range of patterns and high-quality materials, it is an ideal choice for people who like unique interior design solutions. Irregularly shaped mirrors from the Decor series will certainly arouse the interest and admiration of your guests. In addition to the original design, it is also worth paying attention to the fact that the veneer protects the mirror against moisture and damage. Discover new dimensions of design.

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