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Glamour mirrors

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Glamor mirrors - elegance and luxury at its best

Glamor mirrors are the quintessence of elegance and luxury. They bring a bit of splendor and sophistication to the interior. Their distinguishing feature are richly decorated frames that catch the eye - often finished with high-quality materials such as gold, silver, and sometimes even crystals. Decorations can be subtle or expressive, from delicate engraved patterns to sumptuous, baroque ornaments.

Glamor mirrors from Artforma can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, from small, decorative, perfect for hanging in small spaces, to large, full-size models that can dominate spacious living rooms or bedrooms. These larger glamour decorative mirrors not only look beautiful, but also optically enlarge the space, making the rooms seem bright and large.

Another advantage is versatility. A beautiful glamor mirror can be successfully arranged in various interior styles - classic, luxurious, but also loft or art deco. Additionally, glamour mirrors can also have a practical function. In the bedroom or dressing room, full-size models allow you to comfortably prepare your hair or makeup, providing excellent lighting. In turn, glamour bathroom mirrors will make shaving, grooming and everyday toileting easier.

How to choose the perfect glamor mirror for the hall, bathroom or living room?

Aesthetics is a key aspect you must pay attention to. In spaces decorated in a classic style, glamour wall mirrors with richly decorated frames will be perfect, while in more modern interiors it is better to choose models with simpler finishes, e.g. with a metal motif.

Its size is equally important. A large glamorous wall mirror can become a dominant addition, optically enlarging the space and adding light to it. It is important that its size is proportional to the rest of the furniture and space in the room. If a glamour wall mirror is to hang above a chest of drawers, its width should not exceed the frames of the furniture.

The shape of the mirror is another element to consider. From classic rectangles, through elegant ovals, to modern, irregular shapes - each of them can bring a different aesthetic experience. Its form should harmonize with both the frame and the general character of the interior. Glamour round mirrors give the arrangement lightness and elegance, while rectangular or square ones are more traditional and formal.

The last but not least important aspect are SMART options, which can significantly increase functionality u>glamour mirrors. Modern furniture can be equipped with additional options, such as LED backlighting, motion sensors or even integrated touch screens. On your Artform model, you can browse your e-mail, watch movies or TV series, and even check the weather!

Glamor style mirrors - how to arrange them?

Where and how to hang < u>glamour decorative mirrors, is extremely important. Placed on the wall of the hall opposite the entrance door, it will create the impression of spaciousness. It is worth placing an elegant console in a matching color under it and adding elegant lighting.

Decorative mirrors for a glamorous living room can be hung above the fireplace or in the central point of the wall, which will add additional depth to the space. The model placed above the dressing table in the bedroom will not only be a practical addition, but will also create an intimate, luxurious space.

When it comes to glamour bathroom mirrors, take care of the tiles that will be the background - a great Marble or architectural concrete imitating options will be an option. You can hang elegant wall lamps with glass decorations on both sides of the frame.

Decorating the space around the mirror is another important aspect of the arrangement. Elegant accessories, such as stylish candlesticks, vases with flowers, or elegant figurines, can further enrich its appearance, creating a well-thought-out and coherent composition. However, it is important not to overdo it with the amount of decoration - glamour hanging mirror is a sufficiently expressive element in itself.

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