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LED Mirrors

LED illuminated mirrors in various shapes for your bathroom. We offer round, square, rectangular and rounded LED mirrors. Choose the perfect shape to enhance your unique interior design.
Type of room - Bathroom ✖
Type of room - Hall ✖
Type of room - Living room ✖
Mirror Shape - Round ✖
Mirror Shape - Rectangular ✖
Mirror Shape - Rounded ✖
Mirror Shape - Oval ✖
Mirror Shape - Irregular ✖
Line - AmbientLine ✖
Line - PremiumLine ✖
Line - SlimLine ✖
Line - Decor ✖
Line - Mirrors Hanging ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top and bottom of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting on the sides of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top of the mirror ✖
Mirror orientation - Horizontal ✖
Mirror orientation - Vertical ✖

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The large wall mirror match for a room decorated in a minimalist, Scandinavian or industrial style. Especially the rectangular mirror is a fashionable, modern and, above all, universal offer. It will help you to plan a timeless arrangement that will delight everyone!


LED illuminated mirror - just the way you need it!

LED illuminated mirror - just the way you need it!
Rectangular LED mirror is a proposal for the most demanding customers. With a housing made of the highest quality materials, it retains a timeless look for years to come. Choose your own case edge colour and enjoy reduced environmental impact, natural light and lower energy consumption thanks to LED technology. We offer a large selection of sizes and the ability to personalize the mirror.
Don't forget that you can modify the product and choose a bevelled mirror. This is a modern form of mirror treatment that involves grinding and polishing the edges at an angle. This allows the surface to reflect light and create a crystal effect around the edges, looking beautiful in any interior. A bevelled mirror is a small additional cost that will complement a room beautifully!


LED rectangular mirror from Artforma

Do you have free space in your apartment and a large mirror on the wall is your dream? Do you want an illuminated mirror to delight guests and residents, as well as fit in with current trends? Check our offer, and if in doubt, use the help of specialists from Artforma. Together we will tailor solutions and refresh your space!

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