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Who are we?

Artforma brand is a leading manufacturer of LED Illuminated Mirrors in Europe. Continuously improved production process and many years of experience in the industry are a guarantee of the highest quality product with virtually unlimited modification possibilities. Each product is handmade to individual customer order.

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Our amazing world of mirrors

Years of experience and recognition of thousands of customers in 25 countries around the world allowed us to create a unique product that will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding - both aesthetes and people who appreciate interesting technological solutions. Our wide range of mirrors with LED lighting are carefully designed products, thought out in terms of functionality and decorativeness. It is first of all a perfect element of bathroom equipment, but also an interesting decoration of living rooms, halls or hotel rooms.

Straight from the manufacturer

Each LED mirror model created by us can be equipped with many functional gadgets of your choice. We offer add-ons with varying degrees of utility to customize your mirror. These include anti-fog heating mats, bluetooth speakers, weather stations, and watches. Made with the same precision, reliability and passion every time.

Enjoy your shopping, Artforma team

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